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What is Yrautibo!?

Yrautibo is Obituary spelled in reverse, and this is what this site does, the reverse of obituaries. After you sign up, you can post limited information of new born babies. We have a map, and for every new born baby, you can add a marker in the region where this baby was born. When a visitor clicks on this marker, additional information that you chose to share is posted for anyone to see.

You don't need to be a new born to post your birthday, although this is the reason this site was built for primarily, if you have their consent, nothing stops you from posting anyone's birthday, and it would be nice if you have a picture of this person as a toddler. It might create some good comments on the post.

So if you're a new parent, and you want to brag about it... and you should, because this is something to be very proud about, this is the place to do it!

We have nothing for sale, including your information, and registering is quick and easy, and unless you act maliciously we will never email you or spam you except for the registration email confirmation sent at registration time. So go ahead and sign up, and tell your family and friends about Yrautibo.

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Image Upload Tips

Keep the image decent! Absolutely no nudity will be tolerated on this site. Posting malicious images will get you band from the service. Only 1 image per post is allowed. Our system reduces the size of the image considerably to save bandwidth, and to have the website function properly for everyone. You can edit and replace this image anytime at will.

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Be A Prudent Poster

We would like to have this site rated for everyone, including children. We ask to keep content polite, clean and no profanity of any kind. Do not show on the map exactly where you live, or give out any personal information. Our service does not parse the Lat,Lng into a township name by design, for your own safety.

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Map Limits And Tips

We are still considering which map service we should use. This site at the moment is in "test pilot" mode and uses a free service for the moment. Should Yrautibo get very popular quickly, the present map may stop working due to exceeded free policy use. We will be monitoring this closely as we aim to supply this service freely of charge.

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Making A Post Is Very Easy

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